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Memo - Informal Warning

To: [Employee]

From: [Manager]

Subject: Informal Warning - [Performance Issue]

Date: [Date]

Mention performance standards not being met and previous discussions about them

I want to remind you of our company standards regarding [performance issue, e.g. attendance]. When we discussed these standards previously on [date], you indicated that you were aware of them by signing the [document, e.g. performance guidelines] (attached).

Describe continuing performance problem

[Name of employee], you are an important member of our team, and we cannot reach our goals if you don't meet the [performance standards/expectations]. During [time period, e.g. the last three months], you [had the problem, e.g. have been absent on four occasions: list dates]

Stress need for improvement, offer support

[Name of employee], you need to take this issue seriously and should strive to improve your [performance in specific area, e.g. attendance]. During the [time frame, e.g. next three months], I will be monitoring your [performance, e.g. attendance]. Please let me know if there are any obstacles preventing you from [meeting expectations, e.g. getting to work on time]. I am ready and able to assist you.

Offer 3rd party involvement, obtain signature

If you would like to discuss this memo with [help, e.g. personnel], please contact [person's name]. Please sign below to indicate that you have received this memo and understand the company's expectations.

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