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Tips - 25 ways to Recognize Your Team

25 Way to Recognize Your Team

Inexpensive Rewards:

1. Send out a team recognition letter from the Manager's Resource Center, specifically designed for your team's accomplishment.

2. Hand out "Way to Go!" notepads and pens when employees finish a team project.

3. Recognize the team in a company newsletter or in an Outstanding Recognition newsletter, e-mailed to everyone.

4. Hold a weekly or bi-weekly casual dress day where employees can come in jeans or shorts.

5. After an important milestone, reward your staff with a popular breakfast treat.

6. Engrave steins or glasses for the team with the name of the most recently completed project (e.g. "I flew through Apollo 13").

7. After a trying deadline, award a lazy morning with a half-hour sleep in, informal dress, and a breakfast buffet.

8. Reward your employees with a car wash. Hire a local hand car washing company come to your parking lot and wash the team's cars.

9. Hand out polo shirts with the company name stitched onto the sleeve.

10. During the holiday season, offer all your employees a gift certificate for two free movie rentals.

11. Send the team out to a local restaurant for lunch. (Order take-out lunch or dinner from a popular restaurant when your employees have to work extra hours).

12. Hold a pot luck dinner where the company provides beverages and everyone brings in their favorite dish.

13. Hold a contest for a team coffee cup logo. Give the winner a gift certificate for $30 to a gourmet coffee shop and hand out mugs with the logo they designed to the entire staff. More Elaborate Rewards:

14. Hold a company bowling night, where you compete with other companies or within your own. Offer prizes and refreshments.

15. Hold an annual "Two Great Teams" night where you send your team to a professional sports game.

16. Have the staff nominate a co-worker every month for the "Team Pat on the Back Award" who will be honored with a plaque and a $100 bonus.

17. Send the entire team to a movie multiplex one night after they have achieved an important result.

18. Hold a "Fast Paced Day" once a year or whenever the team has met a tough deadline. Pay for the entire team's admission to the nearest amusement park, families included.

19. Hold a banquet after a large project is completed. Have a manager talk about the importance of the project, the importance of the efforts of the entire team, and give awards to outstanding contributors.

20. Award the team a "night on the town" with dinner and dancing. Have the company arrange for baby-sitting for everyone's children.

21. Send the team white water rafting together. This is not only fun, but allows the team to see each other outside of the workplace in an exciting situation where team work is important.

22. Send the staff on a ski trip for the weekend. Have management drive the bus/van.

23. Give your staff a newspaper subscription of their choice.

24. Hold a barbecue at a team member's house. Have aprons made for the entire team saying, "Now We're Cookin".

25. Give your team certificates for a "Day at the Spa," after a particularly stressful project.

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